Department of Geography and Economic History

Welcome to the department for Geography and Economic History. The department is resonsible for the two disciplines Geography and Economic History.

The department for Geography and Economic History has around 70 staff members and is located in the Social Science building, level 2 and 3.

Within the discipline Geography focus in education and research is on Social and Economic Geography, which means the social science profile of Geography. Social and Economic Geography is also linked to Physical Geography and ecological conditions that affect human activities and society.

Education and research in Economic History is linked to both History and Economics. A focus is on the interplay between economy and society over time and includes both gender perspectives and Environmental History.

Publications at Geography and Economic History



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Hedlund, Martin

Rural restructuring and gendered micro-dynamics of the agricultural labour market



Jansson, Johan
Nordlund, Annika
Westin, Kerstin

Examining drivers of sustainable consumption: the influence of norms and opinion leadership on electric vehicle adoption in Sweden
Journal of Cleaner Production, 154: 176-187



Arnberg, Klara
Svanlund, Jonatan

Mad women: gendered divisions in the Swedish advertising industry, 1930–2012
Business History, 59(2): 268-291



Eimermann, Marco

Flying dutchmen?: return reasoning among dutch lifestyle migrants in rural Sweden
Mobilities, 12(1): 116-135



Bohman, Magnus

Conditional crisis?: Ecological challenges and conditions of growth during the agricultural revolution in southern Sweden, c. 1700–1900
Economic history review, 70(1): 171-186



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