Information for our students


Fredrik Gärling (Economic and Social Geography), phone 090-786 5540

Maria Lindström (Economic History), phone 090-786 5385

If you have any questions about course admission, registration or if you need specific documents, please contact the Study administrator. 

Please note that you can also activate the student portal and get access to most documents, such as course merits or credit points, by yourself.

Study Councillor

Håkan Appelblad (Economic and Social Geography), phone 090-786 7155

Hans Jörgensen (Economic History), phone 090-786 5505

The Study Councillor can inform and provide guidance about undergraduate courses, course contents, learning outcomes, exams etc. If you have any problems related to these issues or questions related to studying in general, please contact the study councillor.

Director of Studies

Lars Larsson (Economic and Social Geography), phone 090-786 7153

Thomas pettersson (Economic History), phone 090-786 6234

The Director of Studies is foremost responsible for the planning and implementation of undergraduate courses. The Director of studies can answer questions concerning course contents, admission, and to what extent a student e.g. can be credited for previous studies.

Programme coordinators

The Programme coordinators are responsible for programme specific issues, e.g. planning, revision of curricula, coordination of courses, and course evaluations.

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